MIS 535 Managerial Appls of Info Tech Homework Week 1 Homework and DQs Answer


Week 1 Homework

Question 1. Question : Which of the following choices may lead to competitive advantage (1) new products, services and business models; (2) charging less for superior products; (3) responding to customers in real time?

      1 only

      1 and 2

      2 and 3

       1, 2, and 3
Question 2. Question : An information system can be defined technically as a set of interrelated components that collect (or retrieve), process, store, and distribute information to support

       decision making and control in an organization.

      communications and data flow.

      manager’s analysis of the organization’s raw data.

      the creation of new products and services.

Question 3. Question : The three activities in an information system that produce the information that organizations use to control operations are

      information retrieval, research, and analysis.

      input, output, and feedback.

       input, processing, and output.

      data analysis, processing, and feedback.

Question 4. Question : The fundamental set of assumptions, values, and ways of doing things that has been accepted by most of a company’s members is called its




Question 5. Question : The average number of tickets sold daily online is an example of


      raw data.

       meaningful information.


Question 6. Question : Networking and telecommunications technologies, along with computer hardware, software, data management technology, and the people required to run and manage them, constitute an organization’s

      data management environment.

      networked environment.

       IT infrastructure.

      information system.
Question 7. Question : Lower global costs of labor have

       Left many highly skilled technical employees unemployed.

      increased the demand for local labor.

      created a whole new set of skilled jobs in industrialized nations.

      allowed skilled employees to move into management positions.

Question 8. Question : What’s new in MIS?

      Mobile platforms that compete with PCs

      Virtual meetings

      Cloud computing platforms

       All of the above
Question 9. Question : Key corporate assets are

       intellectual property, core competencies, and financial and human assets.
      production technologies and business processes for sales, marketing, and finance.
      knowledge and the firm’s tangible assets, such as goods and services.
      time and knowledge.
Question 10. Question : Engineers, scientists, or architects who design new products or services for a firm belong to which level of a business hierarchy?

      Middle management

      Production workers

       Knowledge workers

      Data workers
Question 11. Question : What is the difference between the Internet and cloud computing?

      None – they are the same.

      They are not related.

       In cloud computing, both information and function are moved to the Internet.
      Cloud computing applications do not use browsers.
Question 12. Question : An exponential rate of innovation means that

      the number of new innovations increases linearly.

      innovation occurs as described by Moore’s law.

       as much progress is made in 10 years as the previous 20.

      All of the above

Question 13. Question : In a business hierarchy, the level that is responsible for monitoring the daily activities of the business is

      middle management.

      service workers.

      production management.

       operational management.
Question 14. Question : The term “management information systems” designates a specific category of information systems serving

      integrated data processing throughout the firm.

      transaction process reporting.

      employees with online access to historical records.

       middle management functions.

Question 15. Question : To monitor the status of internal operations and the firm’s relations with the external environment, managers need _____ systems.

      decision support


       transaction processing

      management information
Question 16. Question : Which systems are typically a major source of data for other systems?

       Transaction processing systems

      Management information systems

      Executive support systems

      Decision support systems
Question 17. Question : Decisions that are unique, rapidly changing, and not easily specified in advance are best suited to which type of system?


      Transaction processing

      Executive support


Question 18. Question : Which systems are especially suited to situations in which the procedure for arriving at a solution may not be fully predefined in advance?

      Management information systems

      Transaction processing systems

       Decision-support systems

      Knowledge management systems
Question 19. Question : Which systems are designed to span functional areas and focus on executing business processes across the firm?

      Decision-support systems

      Management information systems


       Enterprise applications

Question 20. Question : Today’s companies need fewer levels of management because

      workers need less supervision.

      information systems make daily management decisions.

      the average worker has more extensive training.

       the increased flow of information throughout the organization supplants one of the traditional roles of management.


Week 1 DQs

MIS in Your Pocket (graded)
 Can you run your company out of your pocket? Discuss how smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices can be used in running a business.  Consider all types of devices such as Android, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7.

Collaborative Culture in Business (graded)
What is a collaborative culture in a business, and how can technology promote and support this culture?


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MIS 535 Managerial Appls of Info Tech Homework Week 1 Homework and DQs Answer