MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior Reflecting on My Leadership Capabilities Answer

Reflecting on Your Leadership Capabilities: (Answer in 4 Word Documents)
Using Three (3) Surveys
By week six (6) of our course, you have been asked to read chapters 1, 4 and 5, plus other chapters in Northouse (2013) In those chapters, you can see that leadership can be thought about in different ways. For instance, successful leaders may possess certain personality traits, or have specific, well-developed skills, and understand how to use directive, coaching or other styles.
In this assignment, assess your leadership potential—how can see you see yourself as a leader? You will complete three surveys that will clarify the traits, skills, and behavioral styles you exhibit relevant to leadership. You are also asked to explain the major theme or goals of the chapter from which the survey was selected.
.Date Due: See LEO Assignment Link
Expected page length: There is no requirement, but anticipate that the assignment will take five (5) or more pages depending on your writing style.
• Five-Factor Trait Model. This model is discussed in Northouse, pages 26–27. To take the survey, go to and complete the short form of this instrument. You must check two 2 boxes to access the survey when on the web page just before the short form. Review Chapter 2 of Northouse, which explains the development of trait theory.
Choose two more:
• Skills Inventory. This survey can be found in Northouse, pages 67–70.
• Style Questionnaire. See Northouse, pages 92–94.
• Situational Leadership. Complete the LPC Measure in Northouse, pages 133–135.

Evaluation Rubric

1. Important results of each survey are summarized. You do not need to include the questionnaires as file attachments; rather, briefly summarize your results. Add explanation about the leadership theory associated with the survey so that you demonstrate an understanding of that theory and its main goals. Yes/no or not enough description
2 Important insights are reviewed and analyzed, explaining how those qualities contribute to your leadership Yes/no or not enough description
3 Challenges are summarized. Where do you see the need for improvement? Yes/no or not enough description
4. Did you find any results that seemed to be contradictory? If so, what do you think that means? Discussion section on contradictions or not: Yes/no or not enough description
5. Compare your leadership style and the demands of your current work environment. (For those who are planning a career change, you may consider the demands associated with your future career rather than your current field.) A great resource to discover more about the demands of your new career, or even your existing career, is To address this component of the assignment, begin by describing your work environment or what you think the work environment could be, based on a future career.
• What qualities are needed to be a successful leader in this situation?
• How does your profile compare to the existing work setting—strengths/challenges?
• How will you develop the areas where you have weaknesses? (20 points)

Scoring Rubric
Up to 60 points available for content of your answers (factors 1-5 above)
Up to 40 points add to the organization of the answers, based on
• Complete sentences.
• Correct grammar and punctuation
• Organization of ideas into paragraphs, writing to explain one idea per paragraph.
• Listing of references (for each essay)

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MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior Reflecting on My Leadership Capabilities Answer