MI 606 Human Resource Management ACT 5 Definitional Typography Answer

Activity Instructions: Definitional Typography

Definitions are critical to understanding the beliefs and assumptions that drive work behavior in general and teamwork in particular. When people have different definitions, no trust or shared language exists and thus communication breaks down. This activity is an exercise in learning how to uncover people’s assumptions by asking them to define concepts that are important to their workplace. In this case, the focus is teamwork. Interview one (1) individual from a given national culture (this may be your home country culture) who has recently served on a team. Use the four levels of Sackmann’s definitional typography to ask this individual to define his or her concept of teamwork. Does this individual see areas of potential trust and potential mistrust in working with the organization at which he or she is employed? (100 points) (A 3-page response is required.)

  1. Description: Describe the interviewee and his or her responses to the interview questions. Each interviewee should be described in terms of the following. (25 points)
    1. National culture origin
    2. Functional area and type of industry
    3. Purpose of team participation with the other three individuals interviewed
    4. Perceived role and sense of participation within the team
  2. Sackmann’s Definitional Typography (25 points)
    1. Dictionary
    2. Directionary
    3. Recipe
    4. Axiomatic
  3. Potential Trust Analysis (25 points)
    1. Open communication systems
    2. Shared decision-making
    3. Rewards based more on improvement in work processes rather than improvement in the volume of output
    4. Rewards based on performance rather than politics
    5. Calculated risk-taking encouraged
    6. Employees feel empowered
    7. Macro-management rather than micro-management
  4. Mistrust Analysis (25 points)
    1. Secret communications and rumors
    2. Decision-making in the hands of a small favored few
    3. Failed attempts at innovation punished
    4. Many levels of management
    5. Rewards based more on politics than on performance
    6. Individual employees feel that they have little responsibility and power
    7. Micro-management


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MI 606 Human Resource Management ACT 5 Definitional Typography Answer