ASCM 626 Purchasing & Materials Mgmt Spring 2016 Midterm Exam Answer


1. _____ involves the identification of the steps, activities, time, and costs involved within a method.

a. Data warehousing
b. Co-location
c. Process mapping
d. Supply base optimization
e. TQM

2. _____ is the process of identifying how many and which suppliers a buyer will maintain.

a. Strategic supplier development
b. Six Sigma
c. Zero defects analysis
d. Strategic sourcing
e. Supply base rationalization

3. In the _____, prices are set to achieve a high profit on each unit by selling to supply managers who are willing to pay a higher price because of a lack of sophistication or who are willing to pay for products or services of perceived higher value.

a. market skimming model
b. revenue pricing model
c. promotional pricing model
d. price volume model
e. competition pricing model

4. The _____ states that success is a function of effectively managing a linked group of firms past first-level suppliers or customers.

a. supply chain orientation
b. value chain concept
c. traditional purchasing perspective
d. extended enterprise concept
e. process orientation

5. _____ helps ensure that customers receive material when and where they require it.

a. Inbound transportation
b. Order processing
c. Production control
d. Scheduling
e. Inventory control

6. _____ is a broad term that refers to all trade where buyer and supplier have at least a partial exchange of goods for goods.

a. Countertrade
b. Outsourcing
c. Strategic sourcing
d. Global sourcing
e. Supply base optimization

7. The _____ presents pricing for individual products and services that is set to enhance the sales of the overall product line rather to ensure the profitability of each product.

a. price volume model
b. competition pricing model
c. market skimming model
d. promotional pricing model
e. revenue pricing model

8. All of the following are characteristics that define a collaborative buyer-supplier relationship

a. one or a limited number of suppliers for each purchased item or family of items
b. a win-win approach to reward sharing
c. open exchange of information
d. a credible commitment to work together during difficult times
e. buyer unilaterally resolving disputes

9. A ______ specifies how a group tasked with developing the strategy for the specific item being purchased will achieve goals that in turn will support higher-level strategies.

a. commodity strategy
b. corporate strategy
c. supply management strategy
d. functional strategy
e. business unit strategy

10. The identification, acquisition, access, positioning, and management of resources and related capabilities an organization needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives is referred to as _________.

a. life cycle costing
b. supply management
c. logistics management
d. procurement
e. purchasing

ESSAYS (80 points total). Answer A, B, and C.

A. You are the supervisor of an eight-person procurement office for a manufacturing company. You need to hire a mid-level employee to work purchasing and contracting actions for the company. What procurement- and

supply management-related knowledge, skills, and abilities would you look for in someone applying for this mid-level position, and why? (25 points)

B. You are a procurement manager who has been tasked with setting up a program to improve the ability of your company’s existing suppliers to better meet your company’s requirements for high product quality. What steps

would you take to meet this tasking, and why? (25 points)

C. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages for companies of sourcing from suppliers located overseas. Which do you think make for a more compelling argument– the advantages or the disadvantages? Why? (30 points)

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ASCM 626 Purchasing & Materials Mgmt Spring 2016 Midterm Exam Answer