1. (TCO 4) The two different approaches to load work centers in job-shop scheduling are (Points : 5)

load charts and schedule charts. Gantt charts and assignment method. infinite loading and finite loading. linear programming and makespan. None of the above




2. (TCO 2) The priority rule where jobs are processed according to the smallest ratio of due date to processing time is (Points : 5)






3. (TCO 2) A scheduling rule used for sequencing jobs through two work centers is (Points : 5)

the critical ratio rule. the Johnson’s rule. the slack per operation rule. the shortest processing time rule. the Pareto rule.





4. (TCO 3) The owner and operator of the local franchise of Handyman, Inc., has four jobs to do today, shown in the order they were received: Job Processing Time (hrs) Due (hrs from now) ————————————————————————————————- W 4 4 X 3 5 Y 2 2 Z 1 1 If he uses the first-come, first-served (FCFS) priority rule to schedule these jobs, what will be the average completion time? (Points : 5)

7.5 hours 5 hours 3 hours 2.5 hours 2 hours





5. (TCO 5) The ultimate goal of JIT operations is to have (Points : 5)

no in-process inventories. cross-trained workers capable of handling every process. a smooth, rapid flow of materials through the system. no setup times. All of the above




6. (TCO 6) Building up an inventory of standard parts or modules instead of immediately producing the finished end items is the essence of (Points : 5)

delayed differentiation. kanban. autonomation. andon. matrix management.



7. (TCO 7) A kanban card is used to signal that (Points : 5)

work is needed at the work center. work is ready to be moved to the next station. a worker has run out of parts needed for further processing. a machine has broken down and needs immediate attention. a machine is ready for preventive maintenance.



8. (TCO 10) The type of processing system that is used for highly standardized products is (Points : 5)

continuous. intermittent. project. batch. unit.

The two different approaches to load work centers in job-shop scheduling Answer