You have just been promoted at the BBB Company and now have the responsibility of the employee orientation program. What components should be covered in the program? Explain what would be covered in your employee orientation program.


Employee orientation program covers the activities involved in introducing a new employee to the organization and to the individuals to his or her work unit. The employee orientation program at the BBB company should cover the following components: – It should familiarize the new member with the organization’s objectives, history, philosophy, procedures, and rules; – Should communicate relevant HRM policies such as work hours, pay procedures, overtime requirements, and company benefits; – It should review the specific duties and responsibilities of the new member’s job; – Provide a tour of the organization’s physical facilities and introduce the employee to his or her manager and co-workers. – New employees should be exposed to organization’s culture. An employee who has been properly socialized to the organization’s culture has learned how work is done and which work-related behaviors are or are not acceptable and desirable. – HRM must provide new employees with inputs on various employee benefits programs such as choice of health insurance, setting up direct deposit of paychecks, and tax-withholding information. – HRM must spend some orientation time addressing what assistance it can offer to employees in the future such as career guidance, benefit administration, or employee training. New employee orientation is valuable to the organization, because it not only helps to socialize the new employees and get them up to speed more quickly regarding their duties and responsibilities, it also provides them with the necessary information to understand the expectations of the organization. This occurs through presentations as well as documentation, such as employee handbooks. Additionally, the organization is better protected from frivolous lawsuits by disgruntled employees, because new employees are required to sign documents indicating that they understand company rules and regulations. Additionally, the employees are able to reduce their stress levels by having their questions answered and important benefit papers completed. Frequently, the new employee receives a corporate level orientation and then a secondary level orientation at the unit level helping them to become socialized to the work group and more productive in a more rapid time frame. Most organizations recoup their investment in new employee orientation in a very short time by increased employee satisfaction as well as better employee productivity.

You have just been promoted at the BBB Company and now have the responsibility of the employee orientation program Answer