CASE: CASE 7.1 Handy Andy, Inc.  Questions  1.  Is this a customer service problem? Why or why not?

I believe that this is a customer service problem. As per the text customer service includes  time, dependability, communication, and convenience. From the sound of it, the retail store are  lacking in all of the above variables listed.  Time is something not being done when being compared to the factory distributors. If less  than 20 percent of the deliveries are not making it to their destination within the given two hours  there needs to be a fix. Being late for the delivery also shows the lack of dependability,  especially if the customer(s) knows or find out that the factory distributor is firing on all  cylinders and getting more than 90 percent on time or earlier. Communication when being  compared to the factory distributors is not present according to the customers.  This all adds up to the retail option being much less suitable compared to the distributor  option. All of these lack in my opinion because of

2.  It appears that the factory distributors are exploiting the licensed retailers. Yet from  what we can tell, Handy Andy in St. Louis has heard no complaints from the licensed

GSCM 434 CASE 7.1 Handy Andy, Inc. Questions 1. Is this a customer service problem