Aggregate Planning in Services (graded)
How do plans differ in services from a production or manufacturing setting? How do the planning strategies impact operational plans in services?
Different services have slightly different approaches to aggregate planning. Select one the 5 service scenarios provided in our text and discuss it. What, if any, commonality does your selection share with other aggregate planning approaches.
Another thing to factor in is the planning/forecasting with the off seasons and sales promotions. How does one forecast sales promotions?

For the service plans outlined in our text, what is it about these plans that makes them different. Is there any commonality among the plans?

How can we control labor costs in a service firm?

What is chase strategy? What methods are available to accomplish it?

The chase strategy might be most common one used. The examples we have to work typically show monthly numbers, but chasing weekly demand is much more likely.

What is the primary aggregate vehicle in service industries?

How do manufacturing and service aggregate plans differ?

Select a service industry and discuss how aggregate plans are utilized in that industry.

BSOP-330-Master Planning Week 3 Aggregate Planning in Services Discussion Question 2 Answer