Any religion provides its believers with a:
The tendency to let the behavior of those around us dictate our response in emergencies is known as:
Who discussed whether a merchant should tell people more goods similar to his are on their way?
The Golden Rule represents:
The view that what is right is determined by what a culture says is right is:
Common law is:
“Business” and “businessperson” are:
Business ethics is the study of what constitutes good and bad human conduct in a:
Ethics does not investigate questions of:
Whether you should copy a pirated DVD on your office computer is a:
Ethics addresses the question of:
Rules of etiquette are generally:
Who did Martin Luther King Jr. address his “Letter from Birmingham Jail” to?
A group of persons working together for a common purpose is:
What term generally refers to any special code of social behavior?

BUS 309 Business Ethics Week 3 Quiz 15 Questions answer