Course Project Part 1—Due Week 2
For Part 1 of the Course Project, assume you have been appointed project manager of a new project for your organization. Your first assignment is to create a scope statement and WBS for this project.
For this part of the Course Project, you select a project of your choosing. This selected project will be used in Project Part 1 and Project Part 2. I suggest you verify with your instructor the suitability of your selected project by the end of Week 1.
Select a project of personal interest. For example, select a project where you can identify realistic cost and scheduling concerns. Opening a small retail storefront or a franchise is one example. When selecting your project, keep in mind the goal of CP-1 is to create a scope statement and WBS. In Project Part 2, you will need to create a budget and schedule for this project. Choose something relatively straightforward. For example, simple start-ups, such as pizza or fast-food franchises, work well because information is readily available. It is preferred that you do NOT pick remodeling a house, but building a house or flipping a house is acceptable.
The CP-1 Project Proposal will be structured with the following sections.
• Cover page including assignment, project title, course, and student contact information
• Executive summary that summarizes the content from the entire document with quantifiable highlights, such as overall cost, duration, and so on
• Project scope statement describing the project
• Resource loaded WBS and schedule with proper grouping, indenting, and coding for approximately 25 to 40 line items
Submission Requirements
• The scope statement should be written following guidelines for writing a scope as found in the PMBOK® Guide in Chapter 5.
• The WBS should be created in MS Projects following standard indent and outdent practices used in WBS creation.
• The assignment should be submitted as two files: one MS Word file for the scope statement and one MS Project file containing the project WBS.

PROJ 592 Proj Cost and Schedule Control Course Project Part 1Answer